kombuchaA revitalizing tonic …

Botanica Fermented Kombucha is a raw fermented tea prepared using a unique Kombucha ferment. This ferment transforms the micronutrients of tea into a powerful synergy of antioxidants, organic acids, probiotics, enzymes, and B vitamins, and provides the body with a raw living whole food. This revitalizing tonic, higher in essential micronutrients than other forms of kombucha, rejuvenates the body by supporting digestion and improving alkalinity

How does the Botanica Fermented Kombucha fermentation process work? Friendly yeasts and bacteria from an ancient source are combined with black tea, metabolizing the micronutrients of the plant. This fermentation produces free form active molecules, which provide the body with living pre-digested bioavailable micronutrients that act synergistically within the body.

How does Botanica Fermented Kombucha detoxify the body and improve digestion?

Organic acids in Kombucha can facilitate the transport of micronutrients through the stomach and intestines. These nutrients can then be transported into the bloodstream, and to all the vital organs. This facilitates the removal of toxins from the organs and enhances their ability to absorb essential minerals, especially iron. The low pH of the Kombucha also contributes to the acidification of the stomach, and can help to improve digestion. Botanica Fermented Kombucha has a broad spectrum of living probiotics and enzymes, which are well known to contribute to the health of the intestines, and to provide overall digestive support.