Barlean's Flaxseed oil

Barlean’s Flaxseed oil that is highly nutritious and great tasting always starts with first-rate seeds!

Barleans Blackberry Flax oil omega swirlBarlean’s sources all of their flaxseeds from trusted, certified organic growers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta provinces. After pressing award-winning flax oil for well over two decades, Barlean’s has earned industry recognition for their expertise in flax oil production. Securing the highest quality, certified organic and Non-GMO flax seeds is certainly a great beginning to excellent flax oil. How you press that seed is another part of the wonderful formula for flax oil that is full of integrity and rich in LNA Omega 3.

Barlean’s uses simple, expeller type presses and presses well within the regulations for “cold-pressing”. Heightened temperatures during flax oil pressing can damage the omega 3s in flax oil, and can affect taste. Barlean’s prefers to use their own gentle, proprietary press-design that enables them to keep the oil protected from heat, light and oxygen during production. The oil is not filtered by any means, since filtering can remove some of the valuable constituents that appear in flax naturally via nature’s design, such as trace vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Barlean’s feels that keeping the oil as intact as possible allows the natural synergy of all the elements of flax to be able to work together, just as nature intended!

A proprietary process turns award-winning Barlean’s Organic Flaxseed Oil and into acclaimed, pre-emulsified Omega Swirls with the delicious taste and texture of fruit smoothies that the whole family will love. Because the oils are pre-emulsified, their absorption into the blood stream has proven to be nine times that of non-emulsified oils. Enjoy a delicious spoonful of Omega-3 nutrition without the oily mess or large capsules.