AOR Supplements

AOR eco-series: Inflammation Relief

Naturally reduces pain and inflammation in a powerful way 

Increased absorption


Vegan formula




AOR eco-series: High Dose Astaxanthin

Unique and powerful antioxidant 

A sustainable carotenoid, naturally sourced from algae

A powerful antioxidant that does not turn into a free radical 

Supports healthy blood sugar and blood pressure

Vegan formula



AOR eco-series: Cardio Omega 3

Critical essential fatty acid for your heart

Supports optimal heart function 

Reduces inflammation 

Improves omega 3 deficiency, commonly found in vegan/vegetarian diets

Vegan formula 



AOR eco-series: Resveratrol

Anti-aging power that’s good for your heart, mind and waistline 

Sustainable, anti-aging & antioxidant compound

100% trans-resveratrol

Extracted from wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed




AOR eco-series: Lutien

Natural protection for your eyes

Provides high dose lutein with naturally occurring zeaxanthin 

Filters harmful UV light and protects against blue light 

Extracted from wildcrafted marigold flowers

Vegan formula

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