Happily it looks like its finally Spring! Those of us with allergies may look at the blossoming and blooming going on with jaded (and red, watery) eyes, along with sneezing, congestion and other symptoms. Many of us may choose to pursue drug free ways of relieving the symptoms or even eliminating them entirely. Thankfully there are many safe options to try.

Lets start with things to avoid. Since food allergens can make the reactions to airborne allergens worse, eliminating them can lesson the burden. The top three are dairy, wheat and corn, as well as food additives like MSG, colors and preservatives or anything we know we are allergic to.

One of the most potent allergy triggers are CIC’s. Circulating Immune Complexes. These are large protein molecules (see dairy, wheat, corn) that are incompletely digested in the small intestine and then absorbed into the blood stream. Antibody’s couple with these foreign proteins and form CIC’s. The lymphatic system can neutralize these, unless there are too many or the immune system is compromised. If the kidneys can’t excrete them all they can accumulate in the soft tissues, initiating autoimmune conditions!
Digestive enzymes with meals and protein digesting enzymes between meals, can break down the CIC’s in blood and tissue, effecting strikingly positive changes in health!

Spring is also and ideal time to consider doing a colon cleanse. Maximizing the bowels function as a pathway for toxin removal by having regular and complete evacuations cuts down on the possibility of allergens reentering the system if waste is not moved out in a timely fashion.

Another way to create sometimes dramatic changes in allergic syptomolgy has been around for hundreds of years. Its safe even for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is both preventative and pallitive. The Neti pot can help mucous drain properly, thus removing the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, as well as allergens and other irritants. Daily use is advised until symptoms subside. Then using the Neti pot three times a week should be enough to help control symptoms.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can also contribute to allergic reactions. A good trace mineral complex can sometimes make a big difference.

An good anti- oxidant formula can also be hugely helpful. Especially one with Quercetin. Quercetin protects cell walls from free radical damage and prevents the release of histamine into the blood stream.

Finally, consider using immuno-modulating supplements. Immuno-modulators regulate the immune system, calming an over active response and boosting a weak one. Medicinal mushrooms like Reishi are well known for this, as well as being anti inflammatory. Also olive leaf, astragalus, and sterols and sterolins.

There you have it, options for not just mitigating allergic symptoms, but also moving us closer to optimal health! So we can enjoy all the signs of spring!