How to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss

The weight loss field is a valley of empty promises. PGX® is completely different. Why? PGX is backed up by world-class research. You can read about the results of this research in the world’s most reputable and respected scientific journals. PGX will enable you to achieve and maintain the weight that is best for you.


PGX Daily Ultra Matix 750mb SoftgelsWhat is PGX?

PGX is an all-natural supplement. It exceeds all other dietary fibres in its ability to control blood sugar surges, reduce hunger, and promote a sense of fullness.

Why diets don’t work

Many people are turning to the “caveman” diet which eliminates all carbohydrates. They hope this will improve their health and extend their lifespan. The problem with this meat-minus-the-potatoes diet is that excessive fat and protein combined with a lack of fibre carries with it a whole set of long-term health risks even though they benefit from some reduction in appetite and blood sugars.

Others turn to strict formula diets like “The Zone Diet” or they eat based on glycemic index tables. Living with severe carb restriction or living on rigid formula diets rarely work in the long term. In my experience, with rare exceptions, people who lose weight this way always gravitate back to their old habits and regain their weight.

The science behind PGX

Over the past two years our research group has 17 published studies on PGX in major medical journals, and at least four more studies are awaiting publication. As a physician, I see the power of PGX in clinical practice on a daily basis. As a scientific researcher, I have never been involved in anything as exciting as this Canadian breakthrough developed at our facility in Vancouver.

PGX: An enjoyable and sustainable way of life

People with significant weight problems must make changes that they can live with for the rest of their lives. That’s why at our obesity research and treatment centre our mottos have become “PGX with every meal during weight loss” and “PGX for life during weight maintenance”. Our patients learn that the best diet is one that you can live with for the rest of your life, not just while you are losing weight.

By adding PGX to every meal during periods when you need to reduce your weight, you are able to cut back on portion sizes while feeling fuller and having no surges in blood sugar after your meals. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, all you need to do is add small amounts of PGX to one or more meals a day. Then you will maintain your weight loss goals for the rest of your life. PGX is not just a diet. It is an enjoyable and sustainable way of life.