Holistic Clinic in SE Calgary

524 – 42nd Avenue S.E.  Calgary, Alberta

Phone: (403) 212-6077
Fax: (403) 212-6079

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Our Practitioners:

Tatiana Savciuc 

Tatiana is an experienced and internationally trained classical homeopath with a European Medical Doctor degree. Her medical education started back in 1998 and is continuously enhancing. She is currently one of the 5 existing certified classical homeopaths in Calgary.

With a passion for natural health Tatiana enjoys the challenges of treating people of all ages with a wide range of acute and chronic health issues in a holistic carrying manner.

During 8 years of homeopathic practice she supervised over 1300 cases. Almost half of her patients were children. Colleagues and patients were calling her “homeopathic pediatrician”. She managed a wide range of acute diseases as well as chronic illnesses. Incredible results in cases of women’s health, pregnancy and post-partum problems, anxiety, depression, newborns (infantile colic, dentition, stimulation of lactation, weaning), ADHD, epilepsy, bedwetting, hormonal disorders, asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, otitis, cystitis, digestive disorders, hepatitis, gastric ulcer and many more. She was applying homeopathy in preparing for delivery, in early labor, immediately after delivery and for after birth pains.

Tatiana has the following credentials and memberships:
• Certified Classical Homeopath, CCH#817 (www.certifiedhomeopaths.com
• Registered member of Alberta Homeopathic Association (www.albertahomeopathicassociation.com
• Full member of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (International Homeopathic Medical Society) (www.lmhi.org). 
• Certified by International Academy of Classical Homeopathy “George Vithoulkas”.
• Medical Doctor, State Medical and Pharmaceutical University “Nicolae Testemitanu”, Moldova
• Residency, specialist in Traditional Medicine (homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine), State Medical and Pharmaceutical University “Nicolae Testemitanu”, Moldova

She is the founder of www.Homeopathy.md and speaks English, Romanian and Russian.

You can book an appointment and meet Tatiana at our new SE location:
524 – 42 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2G1Y6
Phone: (403) 212-6077

Certified Classical Homeopath
Medically trained, naturally focused


Amanda Alexov

Holistic health and wellness has been a part of Amanda’s life from the beginning.  She grew up with a loving, supportive, Spiritual family, who ate  as clean and unprocessed as possible, using quality vitamins, minerals and supplements.  She participated in a variety of physical activities, some competitively, so a continued healthy lifestyle was highly important.  Due an long undiagnosed condition that caused progressive health issues where medications that were not effectively helping, and causing increasing side effects, Amanda began studying alternative therapies, especially nutrition and nutritional supplements.  She was able to take her knowledge to a practical level, in helping others discover a more wholistic approach to health and wellness, as she was able to apply her knowledge of alternative healing therapies while working in her family’s well respected health and wellness centre. Her upbringing and experiences helped fuel her passion for fitness, wellness and, most importantly, to help others, eventually led her to pursue her certifications in Personal Training, Integrative Nutrition, Live and Dry Blood Analysis, Yoga and other alternative holistic healing therapies.  Amanda has been steadily and successfully working in alternative health and wellness as a Natural Health Practitiner, for the past 10 years, the last 3 years in Live and Dry Blood Analysis and Nutritition Consultation.  She continues to study holistic and natural approaches to provide optimal health care and information to her clients.