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Kyolic Cholesterol Control Formula 104

kyolic cholesterol control

kyolic cholesterol control 104

Kyolic Cholesterol Control Formula 104 delivers the total cardiovascular care of Aged Garlic
Extract combined with the complimentary, cholesterol-fighting properties of Lecithin.
Every Kyolic Cholesterol Control product contains Aged Garlic Extract in a dynamic blend of
cholesterol-lowering actives. Aged Garlic Extract is clinically proven to reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease by working to support healthy cholesterol levels, enhance circulation,
reduce platelet aggregation and decrease elevated levels of homeocysteine and triglycerides.

  • Aged Garlic Extract and lecithin lower cholesterol.
  • Enhances circulation and controls homocysteine levels to reduce heart disease risk.
  • Unique aging process eliminates garlic odour and increases levels of antioxidants
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