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Monthly archive for January 2011

Happy Woman Balanced Hormones

Happy balanced  hormones equals a happy balanced woman!  Join Pharmacist Neelam Gurm in learning how to nurture a great life through  proper nutrition and lifestyle modification.  She will be focusing on easy way’s to reduce stress and achieve a healthy weight, happy mood and balanced hormones.

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Relationship Secrets with Ashleigh Whitworth and Harvey Batke

Get the real scoop on decoding your relationships  from an anthropological, biological, emotional and hormonal perspective.   Explore the ‘real’ secrets to how relationships work.  Ashleigh Whitworth(Holistic Counsler) and Harvey Batke (Life Coach) will take you on a journey into a real insight into love.   Bring your sense of

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Quantum Nutrition – Free Seminar with John Koveos

Join John Koveos, B.App.Sc Nutrition and a leading Canadian Nutritionist passionate about health and recovery after his own near death experience( t-boned  by and 18 wheeler!)  This led him to formulate the Schinoussa sea vegetables to aid his recovery from his serious injuries.  Learn what the body

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Free Seminar with Sue Monk, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Teacher and Raindrop Practitioner

Sue Monk is a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki teacher and Raindrop practitioner.   Sue has been involved in holistic health since 1998 and has a strong commitment to help others experience the benefits of these gentle yet powerful therapies – achieve less stress and reap the physical, emotional and

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